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This was the first show in our new season – and our first show where part of the broadcast comes from an Open Source grid – and it’s now available to see on the Treet.TV website.

The Saltwater House

The Saltwater House

We visited Shenlei Winkler, who has been running some fascinating research on the ScienceSim into the possibilities of building in virtual worlds constructed on the Second Life type platform. What sort of experiments? Well … Shenlei’s build of the Saltwater House work in Chamomile currently utilises over 130,000 prims (as opposed to the 15,000 prims you might find on a Second Life region) … and it’s growing all the time!

We saw some of the sheer detail of her build there – and talked to Shenlei about how her experiments involved not only stress testing, but interactivity and education as well.

If you would like to read more about Shenlei and her work, there are two articles in the latest issue of Prim Perfect. The photo in this post were taken by Mr PJ Trenton.

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