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Crime Scene in Second Life

Crime Scene in Second Life

You can now see our show about the fascinating CSI work being done by Angela Talamasca on the web – available in both standard and hi-def. And you can also download the show from the iTunes store (just search on Designing Worlds) to watch at your leisure. You can even put it on your iPod to carry around with you!

The show was a fascinating one … Angela showed us the work she has been carrying out for a recent – and controversial – case.  And we were able to discuss different ways that Second Life (and other virtual worlds) could be of assistance to law agencies and to juries.

And this show didn’t stop when the cameras stopped rolling!  As regular attendees of our show will know, afterwards we pop back to the studio – and there was a really interesting discussion between Angela and members of the audience about her work and its possibilities.

So make sure you catch up with this show! It’s something interesting to show your friends and family when they ask the inevitable questions about Second Life!

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