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Last year, Designing Worlds looked at the early days of the Linden Home Programme. Now, nearly a year after it was launched, we returned to look at some of the ways in which Linden Homes are being used.

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Our first visit took us to a very special Linden Home indeed.  You may recall that at the end of last year, Samantha Hellmann won the Second Spaces Home Hotshot contest. Part of her prize was the chance to create a Linden Home design for Prim Perfect magazine – and she appeared on the show to tell us all about the Home she created – and the contest, too!  And Elle Kirshner of Second Spaces was also on the show to tell us about the contest – and the Linden Home that SHE designed!

Then we’ll be visiting two designer Linden Homes created by Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie and by Dellybean North of True North Designs, and talked to the resident owner Varz Tairov about that.

There were also be images from homes designed by Elle Kirshner, by Colleen Desmoulins of  The Loft, by Ponsonby Low of P Low Low P Studio (who has done some astonishing things with the Wizard’s Retreat), and from Jolie Serendipity and Xyrah Xue, both of who showed what residents can make of a Linden Home – in very different ways!

Finally, we talked to Cain Maven of Maven Homes and Quantum Destiny Luxury Homes who explained his ideas for some of the ways in which the Linden Home Initiative can be moved forward – will Linden Lab meet his challenge?

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