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Saffia and Elrik return to Second Life’s Eighth Birthday Celebrations – and encounter some very enthusiastic tinies!

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When Saffia and Elrik set out to explore the resident builds at Sl8B, they didn’t expect to end the show being waffle-bombed in Winterfell by enthusiastic tinies! But something always seems to happen at the Birthday celebrations – as when they saw the birthday cake at SL7B raided by dragons. This year it was definitely the turn of the tinies, as we discovered when we encountered a large crowd of them enjoying the Raglanshire Circus, created by Chaffro Schoonmaker – and they had assistance (we suspect) from the avatars we met when we visited the beautyiful Grendel’s build!

But there were serious things to explore too. Elrik took a fun trip on a rollercoaster – but ther was an underlying meaning about the rollercoaster that our health may experience, as Skylar Smythe of New York Healthscape explained, while Saffia visited the beautiful art installation by Solkilde Auer. And Elrik indulged his interest in transportation with a visit to the ingenious exhibit from the Virtual Railway Consortium, and caught up with the Magical Age of Fighting Sail exhibit – which definitely brought back meories of Jabberwock!

And we also visited Winterfell and met our our old friend Captain Wildstar Beaumont – and met those tinies again

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