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Fans of Mr Biggins Willi be delighted to learn that Designing Worlds’ latest visit to New Babbage is available on the web and yes, once again the hapless Biggins is caught up in another adventure as Saffia and Elrik try once again to make a Designing Worlds show about the beauties of the steampunk city of New Babbage!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This week we paid another visit to New Babbage, in the heart of Second Life’s Steamlands, to take a tour of a most impressive build – at Piermont Landing, in the company of noted society host Mrs Breezy Carver Fabre. She told us about some forthcoming events and showed us around this fascinating building, which has a number of rather special features. We also hoped to have an opportunity to view the fabulous Carver Diamonds. And, of course, as this was New Babbage, we fully believed that nothing could possibly go wrong…

Piermont Landing in Wheatstone Waterways, New Babbage

Piermont Landing in Wheatstone Waterways, New Babbage - photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

Have you seen our other Babbage shows?  There was that unpleasant business in the tunnels under the old Asylum.  And, of course, there was that murder at the Burlesque – two murders, actually.  And we shouldn’t forget our encounter with the Dark Mer in the waters off New Babbage.  Or what happened when Elrik was mistaken for Sherlock Holmes.  And, of course, most recently, how we were fortunately on hand to try to prevent the attempt to steal the New Babbage Christmas presents

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