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You can now see our visit to Second Norway on the web!

It’s a chance to see some characteristically Norwegian parts of this region – such as the downtown harbour region, and the fascinating Stave Church – to say nothing of the historically accurate re-creation of a Viking encampment – now put to a very modern use!

But we also were able to see how Second Norway is created by the efforts of an international community – including Esperanto speakers!

The Harbour in Second Norway

The Harbour in Second Norway

Joining us on the show were the co-owners of Second Norway, Ey Ren and Mialinn Telling, and we not only explored the fiords (by boat) but also took a really exciting motorbike ride along a re-creation of the famous Atlantic Ocean Road.

Second Norway, of course, was the Region of the Month in the January 2012 issue of Prim Perfect so, if you want, you can read more there!

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We started the new season of Designing Worlds with a retrospective – a visit to the glorious builds of Relay for Life – and also a look at different ways in which people participated in the event. And now you can see this special show here:

We talked to Troy Vogel, winner of the Designer Sim Award, and to Brandon Pappentas, who created the remarkable Babbage Clock and to Crap Mariner – who had a special literary project for Relay for Life.  And we visited a wealth of other places, including the special locations for the Survivors and Caregivers (created by Barnesworth Anubis) and the very striking Mentors Camp – and talking with some of the people behind these. And you won’t want to miss the extract from the gorgeous performance by the Chiang High Trinity Sisters.

Troy Vogel's Build at Relay for Life

Troy Vogel’s Build at Relay for Life

And you’ll have an opportunity to see the awesome photography of Beq Janus, Judith Lefevre, PJ Trenton and Wildstar Beaumont!

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