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Winter Nightfire’s wonderful creation for the Survivor and Caregivers’ Camp at Relay for Life is now available on the wb, and offers a fascinating introduction to the work of this powerfully moving artist.

Winter talks to Elrik about her work, while Saffia explores the much-admired installation that Winter created for Relay for Life – took you on an allegorical journey from the bleakness of diagnosis, on a long and difficult journey, with places of beauty for reflection and hopes for the future (the ruined cancer hospital is inspiring and poignant, a very special place) – till the journey reached its apogee in a burst of colour, excitement and sheer fun with a huge funfair.

The ruins of the cancer hospital, reclaimed by natureSurvivors and Caregivers celebrate with a funfair - phographed by Beq Janus

Survivors and Caregivers celebrate with a funfair – photographed by Beq Janus

The show gives an insight into the work of this amazing artist who works in the inner and outer worlds as she talks about her work and the Artathons that raised money for charities at the Second Life Community Cinventions.

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