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The latest episode of Designing Worlds –  re-visiting the amazing event that was One Billion Rising in Second Life – is now on the web!

DW264 – One Billion Rising in SL 2015 from Richard Elen on Vimeo.

One Billion Rising was a Second Life event featuring a four-region stage where 200 people could dance together, surrounded by an area of art installations, an arena for poetry and dance productions, and informational exhibits. A variety of performers played over the 24-hour period and poetry and dance events were held at different times, enabling people all over the world to attend this virtual event no matter their timezone. The objective of the event was to raise awareness, not to raise funds; however, information about real-world organisations was be available in kiosks for those wishing to donate.

Audio installation by Lorin Tone on OBR Change

Audio installation by Lorin Tone on OBR Change – drumming was a theme of this year’s event

The day after, we took our cameras to explore the four regions and talk to some of the people behind the event including Victor Mornington, Samantha Ohrberg, Drew Slate, Garnet Psaltery, Taralyn Gravois, AvaJean Westland, Adele Ward and our own director, Aisling Sinclair, who created the landscaping and infrastructure.

It makes for a fascinating “Behind the Scenes show” for One Billion Rising in Second Life 2015!

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