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Show Jumping at ~Ladies' Pleasure~

Show Jumping at ~Ladies’ Pleasure~

Join us at 2pm today, Monday 29th June for the new episode of Designing Worlds at our studio in Garden of Dreams, as we explore a world where avatar customisation and breedable creations meet the world of Second Life sport, in the field of equestrianism.

We meet Honey Heart of ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ who tells us about avatar and breedable horses, and even more about what can be done in Second Life – taking a look at carriage rides (and races), dressage, show jumping and cross country – and we hear about horse racing too – with the aid of some of Honey’s horses: Cherry Lastchance, Dancer Inglewood, Emmalette Resident & Karin Lupindo.

Dressage at ~Ladies' Pleasure~

Dressage at ~Ladies’ Pleasure~

This will be a fascinating show and – for many people – perhaps an introduction to a whole new experience so do join us, at 2pm today!

Or – if you can’t attend in person – tune in to the web at 2pm SLT on Monday for a showing on SLartist or on Treet – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the Treet.tv web site at http://treet.tv/shows/designingworlds, on the SLArtist.com channel, the Aview TV Designing Worlds channel – or on the Designing Worlds blog.

You can find out more about things related to equestrianism at ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ on Cherry Island.

Breedable horses at ~Ladies' Pleasure~

Breedable horses at ~Ladies’ Pleasure~

All photos by Wildstar Beaumont

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The latest episode of Designing Worlds – when we’ll be learning all about the phenomenon of Second Life golf – is now on the web.

There are many sports in Second Life that residents can enjoy alone or with friends, and Second Life golf is one of them.  To play well requires a mixture of knowledge, skill … and perhaps a little luck as well.  There are a number of courses scattered around Second Life, some very realistic and some offering more unexpected hazards (volcanoes, panthers for example).  Saffia is a great fan – although Elrik had never played before this show. And so Saffia decided to show him why Second Life golf is such fun!

Getting set at Angel Manor golf course

Getting set at Angel Manor golf course

In the show we talk to CrowleyCorp, Designer of Crowley Corp Golf System (in other words, the clubs that we play with) and also owner of the Rolling Hills Golf Course who explains how the system works (and why it is so popular with golfers across Second Life). Then we visit LittleOneSusan Teardrop, Owner of Getting set at Angel Manor golf course, and she explains how she designs her course, incorporating elements of the the courses she has played – and ones she has loved.  Sinally, we meet up with Kaya Angel, Owner of Angel Manor Estate, which we visited on a recent show, and which has its own golf course.  Angel Manor’s six hole course is an excellent one for learning how to play golf (and for having a short game with friends) and Elrik finally gets a chance to try out what he has learned!

Emerald Crystal Golf Course

Emerald Crystal Golf Course

Golf Courses featured in the show:
Rolling Hills Golf Course
Emerald Crystal Golf Course
Angel Manor Golf Course

Some other courses to check out:
A Whisper of Silk Golf Course
AERO Golf Club
Haven Golf Resort
XL Underground Course (you play on the ground – but there’s a city overhead!)

Please note: we have not verified your personal safety on these last two courses – but we can’t wait to try them out!
Tombstone Arizona Golf Club (cowboy golf at its finest)
Al Raqis Golf Course (golf with a scifi twist)

 Please note: Most of these courses offer rental clubs. Some will require you to join a group in order to be able to rezz.

Unusual hazards at Rolling Hills Golf Course!

Unusual hazards at Rolling Hills Golf Course!

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