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The latest episode of Designing Worlds – as we meet Oz, Troy and Vir Linden to talk about the exciting possibilities of project Bento – is now on the web.



We also meet some of the resident creators already working on exciting Project Bento features – Mahadma, Medhue Simioni, Teager, and Aki Shichiroji.

Essentially, Project Bento adds a wealth of attachment points to avatars that can also be animated. But more – it’s about extra bones to the entire skeleton. This gives the possibility for anything from a single ironically raised eyebrows to an amazingly flexible wyvern to ride.

Oz, Troy and Vir Linden talk about Project Bento

Oz, Troy and Vir Linden talk about Project Bento

You’ll see the potentials – from beautifully expressive faces to amazing control and detail possible in wings, tails, hands, and so on!

As Troy Linden says: “Project Bento is about the reinvention of the Second Life skeleton. Think of it as the long awaited version 2.0.”

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