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dw-special-2016-11-3_017The Designing Worlds special – where Patch Linden reveals the exciting news about the increase in prim allocation – is now available on the web.

Patch supplied a breakdown of how the new pricing structure would work, and also discussed the ways in which created could use the new land impact to improve mesh.

Prim increases

Prim increases

All the upgrades in prim limits will be automatic – with no cost. Mainland regions (including Linden Homes) are upgrading immediately. Private estates will be upgrading in the next couple of the months (once the Lab have assessed the effect on the mainland).

But the really exciting news that came out on the show was that of private island owners want to, they will be able to upgrade their prim limit to 30,000 by paying a one time upgrade fee of $US30 on a region, followed by a monthly payment of US$30. This seems quite a bargain for double the prims!


After the show, Patch and Saffia discussed the changes, with questions coming from the audience. Pantera Północy very kindly filmed this.





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