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Join us at 1pm SLT today, Tuesday 22nd November, for a special live recording of Designing Worlds at our studio in Garden of Dreams as a specially invited panel comes together to discuss the future of Second Life.


Saffia will be joined by Patch Linden, Linden Lab’s Senior Director of Product Operations; Jessica Lyon, the person behind the Firestorm browser and the Firestorm new users’ experience; Gentle Heron, of the nonprofit Virtual Ability; Jo Yardley of 1920s Berlin; and Cain Maven of Maven Homes and Quantum Luxury Homes, who was one of the organisers of this year’s Home and Garden Expo.

We’ll be talking about the recent innovations in Second Life, how we can move forward – and what innovations residents would like to see. There will be a space for questions from the audience too.

So please come and join us at 1pm SLT … and be part of the discussion too!

Note: This is a show about Second Life; we will not be discussing Sansar, and the panel won’t be taking questions about Sansar.

This recording will be shown as part of the Designing Worlds season on Monday 5th December.

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