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Telethon for RFL 2009

This coming weekend sees the climax of Relay for Life of Second Life 2022 – which we will be covering later in the season. So it seems a good time to look back in this week’s show to a former Relay for Life – in 2009.

You can see the show on the Designing Worlds Vimeo channel at: https://vimeo.com/371357132. Or you can join us at 2pm for our Watch Party in the beautiful Designing Worlds studios in the Garden of Dreams!

Firstly we talked to Aeolus Cleanslate and looked at the wonderful New Babbage campsite, from one of the most inentive steampunk sims in the Second Life world – an imagining of an Exposition Universalle, based upon that of 1889 in Paris when the Eiffel Tower was first revealed.  Aeolus Cleanslate explained, how under the Team Captain Breezy Carver, the New Babbage team created this amazing display – and also created the special Mars sim that won the overall prize for best designed sim!

New Babbage Build at RFL 2009

Then we talked to KiVanyel Adria of the Elf Circle, who told us not only about the beautiful build that the Elf Circle had created, but also the full programme of events that the Elves had created to share their community with the wider world. And we spoke with Helena Kiama and Jessie Sinister who were two of the key builders on the beautiful Wonders build, re-creating four of the Wonders of the Ancient World (the ones that they chose were the Temple of Diana at Ephesus, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Lighthouse of Alexandria and the Colossus of Rhodes).

Wonders of the World Build at RFL 2009

And finally we spoke with Zander Greene and Lauren Thibaud of the Friends Fight Cancer group who had created Anatomica, the most amazing sim, which combined information and a great interactive learning experience about the physiology of cells and cancer – with a fast and furious game where you got to dress in a red suit for surfing the bloodstream and blast cancer cells yourself!

And there was also a stunningly beautiful ballroom in the sky for those who ventured up to 1,500 feet!

Filmed at the 2009 Telethon location, the build designed by Dellybean North and landscaped by Anhayla Lycia.


Find out more about this year’s Relay for Life of Second Life 2022 weekend at:


Telethon for RFL 2009

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