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On Tuesday 29th October, Designing Worlds will be recording a special panel show about the Terms of Service introduced for Second Life by Linden Lab in August 2013.

This has raised huge questions about Creators’ Rights, with some people leaving Second Life, and some feeling that they can no longer encourage other people (such as artists) to bring their work to Second Life.

But others see the new Terms of Service as opening the doors to potential new markets for their digital creations, and believe that the Terms of Service (possibly in an amended form) are the way forward.

What do you think?  What do you need to know about this? What questions do you have about the new Terms of Service?

Send us your questions – either by commenting below or by email here – and we will try to see that these questions are raised and discussed by our panel – who will include representatives of

  • the United Content Creators of Second Life (an active Second Life group that has been working to redress widely perceived problems in the changed Terms of Service)
  • the art community
  • the design community
  • the writers’ community
  • the fashion community
  • the legal community

For your information, here are some posts that are informative, and reflect different sides of the debate currently under way:

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Aview TV – Legal Panel Discussion (warning – three hours long; you might want to take it in sections!)

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SL Newser
“United Content Creators of SL” Group Formed in Response to ToS Changes
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Songs from the Nightingale – Gabrielle Riel
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Chicken Linden Follow Up: Texture Resources

Andromeda – Will Burns
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