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All photographs by Wildstar Beaumont

New Lindens Homes on Bellisseria

In this episode of Designing Worlds Special we’re visiting the new continent of Bellisseria, and finding out all about the new Linden Homes!

The show goes live on Tuesday 16th April at 2pm SLT on the Designing Worlds Vimeo channel (and, for technical reasons, later on the Designing Worlds channel at SLArtist) – and you can join the special Watch Party (also at 2pm SLT) in our studio on Garden of Dreams, where we are sure there will be lots of lively discussion!

Here’s a taster …


In the first part, we take a look at the original Linden Homes, and talk about some of the problems they encountered – the cramped feel of the regions, the lack of surrounding space for each home, and the lack of a community feel.

Then we move to the first two types of Linden Home released – the traditional homes and the houseboats. We talk with Patch Linden about the ideas that have gone into their construction, and the way that community spaces have been developed, centering around activities and places to visit, within the community itself.

New Lindens Homes on Bellisseria

And, of course, we take time to explore some of the possibilities you have with the homes, easily changing the styles and redecorating at will!

It all makes for a fascinating and informative show, so please tune in or join us at 2pm SLT.


New Lindens Homes on Bellisseria

More information about the Homes:

Linden Labs release notice: https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/2528-fresh-new-linden-homes-are-here-with-new-themes-and-larger-options/
Read Inara Pey’s excellent article about the Homes here: https://modemworld.me/2019/04/15/lab-launches-new-linden-homes/
Linden Homes registration page: https://secondlife.com/land/lindenhomes/member.php

New Lindens Homes on Bellisseria





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dw-special-2016-11-3_017The Designing Worlds special – where Patch Linden reveals the exciting news about the increase in prim allocation – is now available on the web.

Patch supplied a breakdown of how the new pricing structure would work, and also discussed the ways in which created could use the new land impact to improve mesh.

Prim increases

Prim increases

All the upgrades in prim limits will be automatic – with no cost. Mainland regions (including Linden Homes) are upgrading immediately. Private estates will be upgrading in the next couple of the months (once the Lab have assessed the effect on the mainland).

But the really exciting news that came out on the show was that of private island owners want to, they will be able to upgrade their prim limit to 30,000 by paying a one time upgrade fee of $US30 on a region, followed by a monthly payment of US$30. This seems quite a bargain for double the prims!


After the show, Patch and Saffia discussed the changes, with questions coming from the audience. Pantera Północy very kindly filmed this.





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Designing Worlds’ meeting with Patch Linden and exploration of the fantastic builds created by the Linden Department of Public Works (otherwise known as the Moles) is now on the web!

We hoped we would meet some of the elusive Moles … but that was not to be.  However … some did sneak into the show so you can play the Chocolate Mole game as you watch this episode – every time you see a Mole – eat a chocolate!

The elusive Moles are creative residents of Second Life who – with special Mole surnamed avatars – work on Linden infrastructure, events and gifts.  Recently, a special island for the Moles has opened, known as the Meauxle Bureaux, which residents can visit.

Inside the Meauxle Bureaux, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

Inside the Meauxle Bureaux, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

But the work of the Moles extends over (and under) the mainland, as well as projects around the Portal Park – like the Haunted House for Halloween, the Winterfair, the Linden Realms and the Cornfield.  They have worked in partnership with residents on major developments like Bay City and Nautilus.

We talk to Patch Linden about the work of the Moles, and about his own work at Linden Lab.  He talks about the future of Second Life (as its own entity – and in relation to the new platform Second Life are buildingg) and about plans for development within Second Life – including in the Welcome Areas.

Ahab's Haunt, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

Ahab’s Haunt, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

Some Mole-created links for this show:
Meauxle Bureaux – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meauxle%20Bureaux/157/123/29
Statue to the Heroic Mole in Bay City – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bay%20City%20-%20Falconmoon/81/56/25
Portal Park (gateway to many Linden experiences – and Mole Builds) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Portal%20Park%202/135/134/23
Ahab’s Haunt – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ahab%27s%20Haunt/128/128/0
Sea of Fables – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bohol/219/88/27
Linden Homes – Elderglen – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elderglen/128/128/29
Space Base, Mos Ainsley – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mos%20Ainsley/134/131/49
Pyri Peaks Funfair Dock – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sandeulbaram/217/228/23

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