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The Premiere of Episode 2 of Harland Quinn and the Omega Hex will be held at:
3pm, Sunday 18th December 2022
Designing Worlds Studio, Garden of Dreams 65,223, 24
Dress: Formal

Episode 2
“A Scholar and a Gentleman”

The threat of the Omega Hex is growing.

While Harland Quinn may have set aside his misgivings about working with the Drow warrior, Lyndiss Dalael, that doesn’t mean he’s happy about it. To figure out exactly what they’re up against, he’ll need the help of people he’d trust with his life.

The first stop is the musty, arcane libraries of Lucentia, where an old friend of Quinn’s may be able to shed light on the mystery. But they’ll need additional help – of a very different sort – to take the next step.

Will they find the help they need in the rough-and-tumble back streets of Port Babbage?


There will be a showing of Episode 1 (to recap or to introduce new viewers), followed by the newly released Episode 2, followed by a question and answer session with cast and members of the crew, There will then be dancing in the Designing Worlds Ballroom with DJ DaveOSaurus.

You can read more at the Fairelands Media website: https://fairelandsmedia.wordpress.com/

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